About Teekish?


 Teekish is a global online marketplace dedicated exclusively to FASHION. We give sellers the unique opportunity to build an online Fashion Boutique that allows you to showcase and sell your amazing fashion merchandise to millions of customers worldwide. From clothing, to shoes, to accessories we are






 Boutique Owners Extra Perks:




A) Online Live Fashion Showcase: On our platform, our Boutique Owners can host live online fashion showcases of their merchandise. This is one of the many technologies that we offer our Boutique Owners to help them build a thriving customer base in order to maximize their profits $$$.







 Sell on Teekish?

(You must be signed up as a Teekish "Boutique Owner" in order to sell on Teekish)


Teekish offer an all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow your online Fashion Boutique. We have all the technology of the major platforms but none of the intrusive fees that eat away at your profits. 


  •  No startup/sign up fees.
  •  No monthly subscription fees.
  •  Sell as many items as you want with NO per item listing fees.








The Teekish Objective:


 Our only goal at Teekish is to give our Boutique owners another option to increase their customer base and make huge profits selling their fashion merchandise on our platform, regardless of whether you sell on your own website, on other social media sites or have a physical brick and mortar store. 








B) Exclusive Activity Feed: In the past few years, Activity Feeds have become a very important way for receiving information. We've created an activity feed exclusively for the Boutique Owners selling on our platform. Through this feed, Boutique Owners can interact with potential customers by posting status updates that include pictures or videos of their merchandise. Additionally, it keeps customers informed when new pieces are released.